BREAKING WORLD NEWS “UPDATE”.: Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi wins first award ever, “THE FILTH AWARD” given by, CAPTAIN DEMOCRACY for the “FILTHY DEMOCRATIC PARTY” exposed. Robert E. McCullough B.A., Architecture U.C. Berkeley 1973 to 1977.

BREAKING WORLD NEWS “UPDATE”.: U.S. Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi is the (WIZARD OF OZ) “WICKED WITCH” FROM THE NORTH (Maryland) and our President Donald Trump is the, “WIZARD OF OZ”. “Dorthy represents the American people” and seeks to go home from, “HOMELESSNESS.” As the “AUTHOR” of current events this is only the way I can explain fully what is wrong with America.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party must clean out the “FILTH AND DISEASE” in the San Francisco Bay area. Now that we know, “WHO WEARS THE PANTS” in Nancy Pelosi’s house which must be “FILTHY” too, like the streets and affordable housing throughout San Francisco Bay area.

The “Human Hygiene” is how you tell how, “Filthy the mind and soul really is”.

So I award from, (observational experience) the first, “WORLD FILTH AWARD” to the Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi the, “WICKED WITCH” of the north (Maryland) and the, “CALIFORNIA FILTH” that keeps on piling up.

The “WIZARD OF OZ” our president Donald J. Trump will pull the curtain back and all shall see this, “WIZARD OF OZ” was “Demonized by Nancy Pelosi” a want to be Nancy Reagan but Nancy Pelosi has no, “CLASS!”
Thank You our president, “President Donald Trump.”

Robert E. McCullough B.A., Architecture U.C. Berkeley 1973 to 1977.

Dorothy meets the Wicked Witch of the West, and suddenly sees herself in possession of the ruby…



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