BREAKING WORLD NEWS: “SUNRISE in AMERICA” (U.S.A.) The Berkeley Brigade {“Calif “} The U.S. Department of Energy & U.C. Berkeley with Texas AM has successfully accepted my “NASA PROPOSAL” (National Science Foundation Grant) for the 21ST CENTURY exploration of the “Milky Way” and man on the surface of “MARS”. the “Platform” will be “MOON CITY” for the addition of a (NEW) “Air Space Force” (Army Air Corp.) housing 10,000 personnel under an Architectural Space Engineering, “DOMED CRATOR” with protective glazing (GEODESIC DOME) and mining of production (High density silicon crystals) to further “Space and “Defense” exploration and becoming the, “GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE”. I believe I have been accepted to U.C. Berkley College of Environmental Design (Architecture Department) to receive a PHD. in Architecture of Moon Base (MOON CITY) in conjunction with TEXAS A&M NASA/ U.S. Department of Energy who “owns” LBL @ U.C. Berkeley. U.C. Berkeley only “Manages” LBL owned by the United States Government. I believe all “Authorities @ CAL have realized I am the “Asset” not the demise @ the U.C. system where “Sports” thought it was, “KING”. As you don’t know at SIO I worked with the Director of Scripps who “Engineered and Architected” the solution called “DETENTE” i.e., “Mutual Destruction”. Our vision for world peace has proven “Correct” in the North/South Korean Conflict leading to “SUNRISE IN AMERICA” a “Peace Treaty”, (“a first”). Thank you America and the “Silent Majority who prey for me. Robert E. McCullough B.A., Architecture U.C. Berkeley 1973 to 1977. Meet UC’s 2018 graduates: Californians who are citizens of the world


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