A VISION OF THE COSMOS ON JUNE 12, 2018 A.D. North & South Korea, “PEACE” and The United States of America & “Peoples Republic of China, “ECONOMIC” AND “MILITARY GLOBAL SECURITY” {Strategic Services}. By Robert E. McCullough B.A., Architecture U.C. Berkeley 1973 to 1977. A FOOT NOTE: *On his death bed as I am incarcerated and held by U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno at Foley Square Metropolitan Correctional Center Manhattan, New York N.Y. (Without Trial or Bail) for alleged threat to NBC news reporter Dawn Marie Fratangelo. My father, Major Joseph F. McCullough Sr. U.S. Army on his Death Bed by telephone said, “BOBBY DON’T FORGET TO DO KOREA” AND BE MY “GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR”. “BOBBY DO KOREA!” and then he was, “DEAD!” Captain Democracy “The truth Will set You Free”

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We are about to secure the United States of America’s {“STRATEGIC SERVICES” O.S.S.}, financial resolutions “Globally” and “Peace” in North Korea on June 12, 2018 A.D. Further, let it be known that on June 13th a, “Volcano” Mount Fuji located on Honshu Island, Japan shall answer the “Intent” of “Both parties”. The “Eruption” (Earthquake) may be due to arrive at Hawaii and or the Italy famed volcano, “Vesuvius” plate tectonics equate to, “Earthquake”.
The “Great Signs” and “Great Wonders” shall be the sign to “Humanity” that an approval to advance into and “Directly further an agreement for a,
“GLOBAL STRATEGIC SECURITY” {GSS} a globalization of nations as, “Nation Knights of Round Tables”.  The creation of the, “MILITARY PRIESTHOOD” is to secure, adhere, and deliver to “LIFE, LIBERTY AND PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS” BESTOWED ONLY UPON THE,  “RIGHTEOUS THE JUST”.  Our mission and “Corner Stone” has been laid and, “Re-Discovered” as, “Peace and Security” for all of mankind.


Eternal Righteous Creator of The Universe, Father of the Begotten son, JESUS CHRIST, (All in All), YHVH, God of the Living GOD of ISRAEL may you and the Angels from above “Shift these “Plates” that block, “Common Sense”.

Strategic Service & Combat photo journals, strategies, and “GLOBAL AIR COMMAND” Corps. (Classified as the PENTAGON BRIEF marked, “Top Secret”).

Robert E. McCullough B.A., Architecture U.C. Berkeley 1973 to 1977.
*The College of Environmental Design (PHD) candidate Fall 018.

Thank you America, for your prayers, and blessings, upon these Noble causes for the environmental movements on planet Earth.
Captain Democracy
“Chief Bear Eagle” (Mohawk) Upstate New York ” The Empire State”.


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