I can speak with some authority as an Architect, and a former San Diegan (for fifty years) and a son of a U.S. Army officer (Field grade) when we served in Germany during the Berlin Wall crisis in Germany. The wall will not work financially, nor a deterrent to tunnels, airborne access by balloon, air craft, or sea invasion from surface ships or underwater mini subs. As I remember in 1962 my family Christmas trip to Berlin (1962) I went through Check Point Charlie into East Berlin and toured parts of the city. I did not see any people or any products in the commercial stores. It looked more like a “Staged Hollywood set” and most likely it was for my viewing and my eyes to convince me how evil this regime was. The fact is, I remember now, “CZARIST Catherine” who ordered housing to be built for the poor Russian peasants in her time. The reality is the project was built as a, “façade” like a movie set, oriented toward the river where CZARIST Catherine floated down the river on a barge looking at what she believed was the housing she ordered built for the poor peasants. The very day CZARIST Catherine died she still believed the housing was built as one of her great gifts to humanity. Now I know there is more to this Cold War “freeze and why”. The Berlin airlift was not once, not twice, but three times, and the news media had a, “Field day”. Also another curious “exhibit” was the, “MARTYRS MUSEUM” where Peter Fecter was honored with others as the first martyr of the Berlin Wall and a depository of the “Mark of History” surrounding the Cold War. Now also another curious detail, and clue, that the Berlin Wall was not about World War III but a (“Masters of Deceit”) “News media contrived era and event”. Whats next after World War II. My point is after World War II the Soviets, U.S.A., France, and Britain decided with the Soviet Union, “IF YOU BE MY BOOGIE MAN I’LL BE YOUR BOOGIE MAN” (Cloak and Dagger) a mutual secret agreement that, “Fooled the world and its peoples for seventy years (70) until the Berlin Wall fell” (CONSPIRACY OF GOVERNMENTS). Now, “I know why”, World War II was the, “Greatest generations deception of history” and now, “I know why”. (HOLLYWOOD GOES TO WAR). So now I know after, “they” are trying to convince “Me”, “I am Jesus Christ savior and MESSIAH” but “I am not”. Again, here “they” come again looking for a, “Leader” (fool) that can be there next, “ADOLF HITLER” and “I am not anybody’s “`Adolf Hitler”. As for the, “TRUMP WALL” its another CZARIST Catherine “deceit” designed to suck off taxpayers money and deliver another failed government program as history shows of, CZARIST Catherines housing project. I say, “The only way to secure the southern borders of the United States of America” is to, “Lay a minefield that stretches all across the southern border of the U.S.A.”. Remember this worked for, “ADOLF HITLER”” on the Western front into the Fatherland called, Germany”. Do you still remember the “Stolen presidential election” and the “News media Polls”? Its the “News media and journalists inventing events to make news”. A conspiracy is the, “NEWS”, to mind control the masses with, “FEAR AND COMPLIANCE” for “Satan is the Father of lies”. To correct the News media conspiracies start with, “DUMP THE TRUMP”! I told you the, “TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH”, for “I was there and saw it with my own eyes”. Thank you, Robert E. McCullough B.A., Arch. aka Captain Democracy aka The Prophet Lion King aka “THE SHOT CALLER” Trump on border wall: Mexico will pay us back President-elect Donald Trump on Friday tweeted that Mexico will reimburse American taxpayers for a new border wall and that U.S. money spent will be for the “sake of speed.” His tweet came as … finance.yahoo.com


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