War Record of Major Joseph F. McCullough Sr. World War II-Korean War-Vietnam/Cold War/ European Theatre (career 1942-1965) World War II History of the 36th Infantry 142d Regiment Fifth ARMY: The 36th Infantry Division landed in North Africa, 13 April 1943, and trained at Arzew and Rabat. It was assigned to the VI Corps, Fifth Army, but attached to Services of Supply, North African Theater of Operations U.S. Army (NATOUSA), for supply. The division first saw action on 9 September 1943, when it landed by sea at Paestum on the Gulf of Salerno against intense German opposition. The Germans launched counterattacks on 12–14 September, but the 36th repulsed them with the aid of air support and naval gunfire, and advanced slowly, securing the area from Agropoli to Altavilla.

cptdemocracy.gifbox1http:/Robert's PicnitchThe career war https://youtu.be/MJzdgZ1lOTArecord of Major Joseph F. McCullough Sr. U.S. Army, (my father). World War II-Korean War- Vietnam/Cold War European Theatre. World War II: North Africa, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, 1st Lt. U.S. Army Infantry Division 36th Texas, Italy 5th Army: France, Germany, Austria 7th Army: Korean War: 8th Army 24th Infantry Division Captain of all black outfit 24th Infantry Division. Vietnam/Cold War/European Theatre: Supreme Headquarters Expeditionary Force. Force “SHAEF” Nuremberg Germany 1961-1964. Career: 1941 to 1965


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